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About The Children

Children waiting in Portugal for forever homes are usually 10 years old and older, however, younger children are possible with special needs.  Sibling groups are also waiting.  The children have developmental or special needs.

Children referred are in need of a family for various reasons: poverty, unwed mother unable to care for the child, or one or both parents are deceased. Children may have been removed from their biological family due to social issues such as negligence, alcohol abuse, etc.

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married couples, single applicants or unmarried couples who have been in a committed relationship for at least 4 years
Both parents must be at least 25 and no older than 61. Single persons must be over 30 years old and no more than 61.
Age difference between the parent and child may not be more than 50 years old.

Travel and Time Frame


One trip is required.  The time in country will be 6-8 weeks transition period and receiving the Visa at the US Embassy for your child to travel back home with you under legal guardianship. The minimum placement period before adoption finalization will depend on the state you reside. It can be up to 6 months. The adoption will be finalized in the U.S.

Time Frame

The approximate time from referral acceptance to travel is 1-3 months.


CHI has worked in Europe since the late 1990s.  We are one of the first American agencies to be approved to work in Portugal.  We have an excellent team of professionals in the country to translate your documents, deliver them to the Ministry and work with you while in-country and at court.  Each case is unique, and we provide individual attention to you.  The Executive Director has been traveling to CHI’s European programs to visit governments and Representatives for over 25 years.  She has an adopted daughter from Romania.  We look forward to helping you through your individual process.

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CHI will be happy to talk to you to discuss your hopes and dreams concerning adopting from Portugal.  Please contact us for a confidential conversation about your questions and thoughts.

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You may be eligible for the Adoption Tax Credit! For 2023 the maximum dollar limit for the Adoption Tax Credit is $15,950 per child. Contact your tax advisor for more information

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