Family Journeys Consultants Program

Families may decide that they would prefer to add to their family through fertility options or surrogacy, rather than adoption.  That is why we opened the Family Journeys Consultants program to assist you.  We have over 45 years of experience in arranging international travel, lodging, transportation, legal contracts, understanding country laws and regulations, and are now able to help you with our wonderful fertility and surrogacy consulting program.

About CHI's Family Journeys Program

Children’s House began back in 1975 bringing children and families together through international adoption. We are a non-profit agency based in the United States. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best services so your dream of a child can become a reality.

With decades of experience, we are here to help you overcome the multitude of hurdles that you are certain to experience. We are experts at international adoption and surrogacy, and are here to help you. You don’t have to go through this alone!

What We Do

CHI Family Journeys is a fertility and surrogacy consulting program.  We work in countries where the laws and costs are in your favor.

We collaborate closely with our partners in other countries to provide the best care, service and affordability possible, while directing you to world class physicians and clinics.
We know that traveling internationally in general, can be intimidating but to travel for something so personal and serious can be overwhelming. The medical details are handled by the professional doctors and clinics. Your travel, appointments, transportation, accommodations and needs while in the country are handled by our partners and CHI.
Our partners, along with the clinic, will assist in obtaining all the legal documents for your child.

Benefits of CHI Family Journeys Consultants Program

We offer the convenience, security and ease of working with a non-profit American organization established in 1975.
No waiting, your fertility or surrogacy process can begin immediately.
Drastic cost savings. Our fertility and surrogacy programs are much less expensive than in the USA.
Your baby will be legally yours at birth and the birth certificate will list you as the parents. In fact, the child will be the biological child of one or both parents, making legalities easier to complete
CHI Intended Parents (IPs) receive a $5,000 discount on their surrogacy package due to the work we do.
You will receive all medical updates, sonograms, etc. and you may be present at the birth of your child. However, birth times are not completely predictable.
Our partners help with planning your travel and accommodations. In fact, an apartment is provided for your use for up to a month with no extra cost to you.
English speaking guides will pick you up from the airport and provide all transportation for medical appointments and procedures.

The Process

Your first step would be to have a no obligation video call with our International Specialist, Lisa Anderson to discuss your specific needs. She will relay that information, which is kept confidential, to our Partner for further consideration.
The next step is for you to have a no obligation video call with our International Specialist and Partner to discuss the various options open to you, along with costs and time frames. All of your questions will be answered.
The medical team will then request certain test results from you to determine if you qualify for surrogacy and how you can best be served. Once you are admitted, your process will begin. This includes creating embryos, selecting a donor if needed, selecting a surrogate, and then the pregnancy process.
Once your child is born, they will assist with the legal formalities and you can bring your baby home.
With our Family Journeys Program, you have an entire team of experts and specialists working on your behalf.


What if I just need fertility treatment and not surrogacy?

Your needs will be discussed during your consultation and your plan will be designed to meet your needs.  The countries we work in provide preliminary testing, preliminary treatment, IVF, and ISCI Micromanipulation.

What type of surrogacy fits our needs?

There are two types of surrogacies to consider:

  • Traditional – You will select an egg or sperm donor.  The egg is fertilized using intrauterine or in-vitro insemination.  At CHI we believe it is best for your egg donor to not be your surrogate.
  • Gestational – The embryo is created using an egg from the biological mother and sperm from the biological father using in-vitro fertilization.  Once the embryo is created in the clinic, it is transferred to the surrogate.

How is our surrogate and egg/sperm donor compensated?

Your surrogate and egg/sperm donor are compensated appropriately, and the amounts will be listed in your contract provided by the clinic you choose.

May we be present for the birth?

Hopefully yes, but babies arrive in this world when they want to.  There can also be something unexpected that could prevent you from being there.

How long does this process take?

This depends on how long it takes for your surrogate to become pregnant.  On average, your surrogacy program will take 12-18 months.

Do we have to be US Citizens to use surrogacy?

Most couples do not need US Citizenship.  Your baby must be biologically related to one or both IPs.  However, if you are not a citizen you must consult with an immigration attorney in your home country and the USA regarding immigration.  Your baby will become a citizen of your country and not the USA if you are not US citizens.

What does surrogacy cost?

Surrogacy programs abroad are on average 40% less expensive than in the USA.  Remember that your package will be individually tailored to your specific needs.

What parents say about us?

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