Lanstrum Family

We had an absolutely incredible adoption experience with Children’s House International!  Throughout every step of the process, communications were timely, straightforward, and frequent.  It was clear we had chosen an agency whom we could 100% trust, and who truly cares about their families.  Their in-country support provided was equally incredible!  CHI takes care of every single logistical and administrative aspect so that you can fully focus on bonding with your child.  They are immensely passionate about helping kids find forever families, it’s evident in every single thing that they do!  We knew we wanted an agency that would be ethical, professional, and responsive.  But we never expected to also have an adoption agency who made us feel like family instead of clients.  We hope to adopt again one day, and will only go through Children’s House International.  They exceeded all of our expectations and then some!  Thank you for everything you have done for our family!